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Sreedhar Unnikrishnakurup, Jyotirmayee Dash, Shaumik Ray, Bala Pesala, Krishnan Balasubramaniam

Nondestructive Evaluation of Thermal Barrier Coating Thickness Degradation using Pulsed IR Thermography and THz-TDS measurements

A Comparative Study’, NDT and E International, 2020

Jyotirmayee Dash, Shaumik Ray, Soniya S, Lenin B, Shyamsunder Mandayam, Bala Pesala

Development of Compact, Indigenous Terahertz Systems for Medical Diagnostics and NDT Applications

IEEE WRAP 2022 – 5th IEEE Workshop on Recent Advances in Photonics

Shaumik Ray, Kaleeswaran Balasubramaniam, Jyotirmayee Dash, Soniya S, Shyamsunder Mandayam, Bala Pesala and Paweł Malinowski

A Combinatorial Analysis of Nondestructive Evaluation of Defects and Moisture Ingression in Glass Fiber Reinforced Composites by Terahertz and Infrared Imaging

Conference on Non-Destructive Evaluation, NDE 2021

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